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Envelope Stuffer - Telephone Emergency

Envelope Stuffer - Telephone Emergency

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Market Price: $1.2


The F1 & F-3 Calendars fit any 6-3/4” envelope for easy mailing with December statement. Features bold date pad plus handy telephone index under the pad.

Price Note: Each thru 4/30

Price Note: Each after 5/1

Discount Code


2-Color Ad Copy

$39.00 set-up, plus $5.10 per 100

Absolute minimum


Ad Copy

Ad copy prints in up to 10 lines. Additional lines - $5.10 per line. Ad copy prints in Red ink on Red Border and Green ink on Green Border.

Ad Copy Size

2 1/2” x 2”

Calendar Pads

When ordering the F3 with a custom border, you have a choice of either the Red or Green accented calendar pad used on the standard F3.

Copy Change

$17.50 per change


$156.25 (G) set-up plus regular catalog price. All calendars come with stock border colors shown in catalog. Custom color border available - $31.25 (G) set-up - please provide PMS number. Virtual e-mail proof included in price. Black Prices Go Into Effect May 1st. Accessories G

Pad Size

3” x 3”

Photo Specs

CMYK, 300 DPI,.JPEG or.TIFF, max file size 10MB




3 1/2” x 6 3/8”


4 lbs. per 100, 29 lbs. per 1,000


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