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Hook and Loop Cable Wrap

Hook and Loop Cable Wrap

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Velcro straps / velcro binding strap / luggage strapHook and Loop Cable Wrap1) Material: nylon2) Color: orange, green and other colors available upon requests3) Size: any sizes available upon requestsPacking:Other special packing can be provided on requestsFeatures:1) Hook & loop on the same side for whole strap, can be set to fasten object by everypart2) Unique Velcro Style design with fine texture and top quality control3) Innovative popular binding strap with back to back self-adhesive design, reusablefor over 50,000 times4) Easy & quick to use5) Great for all sorts of package binding, such as luggage, delivery carton, campinggearUsage:1) Firmly wrap the strap around the object with the sticking side facing up2) Slip the strap through the ring, draw it up tight and fold it up to the other side3) Press tightly on the folded end of the strap to secure it more firmly


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