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Handmade Ceramic Necklace/Pedant

Handmade Ceramic Necklace/Pedant

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Under the goal of constant invention and pursuit of perfection, our compnay integrates arts and culture into life to attain the right balance between creativity and nostalgia. Methods of pasting, ying-ying crafting, sculpting, hollowing, and appliqu ing embody the spirit of the golden age to present a delicate vivid sculpture in addition to a tremendous vital modern design.To present unprecedented luxurious style, we apply the fascinating tri-color glaze in addition to the splendorous shinning Jiaozhe glaze, which lead to a mix of different characteristics in the glaze and present evident delicate layers of colors. This splashing technique in painting was used to represent the Chinese landscape in its unique style, which is our colorful glaze.


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