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Rhinestone, Rhinestud, Motif, Bead, Spangle, Button, Corsage

Rhinestone, Rhinestud, Motif, Bead, Spangle, Button, Corsage

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For 27 years know-how in this sector ours are well-reputed in world market. The lowest prices and superb quality are absolutely unapproachable, viz. Top-ranking, nearly no competition. All designs customers require can be produced by us strictly the same. Main items are hot fix stone ( rhinestone, rhinestud), motif, beading, spangle, button, handsewing, corsage, etc. Rhinestone hotfix are made of glass with special heat sensitive glue on the backing. Users can easily apply this item for decorating clothing, fabric shoes, hat, muffler, and many other fashion accessories. Its brilliant, luxurious ornament effects helps to enhance the value of products more commercially. How to iron-on In general is ironing temperature 150 degrees celsius ~ 170 degrees celsius. Pressing time is 25~ 30 sec.0.3 ~0.5kg/cm2 Suitable fabrics We prefer washable fabrics. Almost any fabric you can iron will be fine. Cotton, polyester, blends, denim, ultra-suede, t-shirts, sweatshirts, dress shirts, socks, cotton or wool sweaters. Almost anything prewill do! Un-suitable fabrics The following fabrics are not as suitable because they will show an iron mark Smooth velvet, acrylic or silk sweaters, polyamide, PVC, fabrics with silicon or wax finish and some rayon fabrics. You will have to pre-test these fabrics using teflon. Also the stone will not stick to non-porous surfaces such as glass, plastic, rubber, metal or leather. Lots of seams or welting make application a little trickier. Perhaps start our on a sweater or t-shirts. Since application methods and fabrics/products vary. We are not responsible for application of transfers or trims.


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