Magic Balloon

Magic Balloon

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When words alone are not enough. Our magic balloons are here ready to help you!Place the magic ballon on the table "face-up" and hit, shake the balloon several times, wow, see it grow?! (it`s a complete self inflatable gift that grows once you hit it. )Many designs are available at present and customers can also get there own imprints on it.It`s a very cost effective and great gift to give out or use for promotions. (customer designs are welcomed)To add in a bonus, each ballon comes with a holding stick.Sizes availabe are:(1) 11.0cm (dia) (packing:72pcs/box,864pcs/2.7`,14/15kgs)(2) 14.5cm (dia) (packing:48pcs/box,576pcs/2.7`,13/14kgs)


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