» » » » » Poly License Plates-License Plate-0.23 gauge
Poly License Plates-License Plate-0.23 gauge

Poly License Plates-License Plate-0.23 gauge

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6" x 12" or 5 1/4" x 7 7/16" Poly License Plate, No Decoration, Poly License Plates are a great way to be seen around town. Ideal for car dealerships, car repair shops or auto paint shops. Clear coat included

Price Note: (AS1) 1-Color Silk-screen (ADD)

Price Note: (AS2) 2-Color Silk-screen (ADD)

Price Note: (AS3) 3-Color Silk-screen (ADD)

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Add 175.00 matchprint proof


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  • 4 Stars

    Amy ***   2016/3/17 10:11:42

    I need to know the delivery time from the moment I pay till the moment I receive it… That will determine when I can pay per unit if I can get them quick enough I won't have to place a local order for a small quantity first. Shipping cost is a concern also I recently opened a car dealership and have several advertising needs

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