Why buy wholesale customized lighted logo pens

Lighted logo pens are dual purpose; they can be a great marketing strategy as well as a really useful accessory. Buying these pens in wholesale ensures that you get to avail the kind of discount which comes from wholesale buying only. The more products you buy in wholesale the more you can benefit from their low prices.

We at promosmall.com specialize in customized lighted logo pens. You can now order beautiful customized logo pens with simply a few clicks of your mouse. All you have to do is choose a logo pen which you like and then ask us to customize it according to your requirements. These customized lighted logo pens are a great gift item and can be given to just about anybody whether they are your loyal clients or hardworking employees.


When and where to use promotional lighted logo pens

Promotional lighted logo pens can be used in the board rooms of offices, At home or even at school or college. Our special promotional lighted up logo pens are so durable and have such a great writing flow that they are appreciated by all who use them. Customized lighted logo pens need not be restricted for office use only, these customized logo pens can also serve another purpose and that is to help you write in the dark without the hassle of looking for a torch light


Things to consider when buying wholesale customized lighted logo pens direct from China

The lighted logo pens at promosmall.com are manufactured in China and everyone knows that China has taken the lead in wholesale marketing these days. Anyone looking to buy wholesale customized products turn to our manufacturers in China. However the following must be observed when buying wholesale customized lighted logo pens from China

  • Send a clear diagram of your logo to the manufacturer so there’s no confusion later on
  • It is good to specify the exact requirements you need in your lighted logo pen
  • Make sure you talk about the shipping charges before hand only.



Warnings and tips for custom lighted logo pens

Lighted logo pens are useful items which should be well cared for if you want them to work better and more efficiently

  • Make sure that you keep your lighted logo pen away from moisture
  • Lighted logo pens are not toys and must not be given to children three years and younger

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