Why Buy Wholesale Pocket Bikes?

Wholesale pocket bikes are available for affordable wholesale price both for business promotion and personal use. Online dealers like promosmall.com offer reasonable price and help you save on shipping charges.

Wholesale pocket bikes are an expensive promotional gift that a high end company can offer to their privileged clients and employees. They are available in customized format direct from China.

Though there is a big rivalry going on between dealers and manufacturers, you can easily obtain the best quality promotional product from China for an affordable wholesale price. Normally, they do not charge any extra fee for the personalization of the product.

When and Where to Use Pocket bikes?

Customized pocket bikes are available in various formats and sizes. In the case of a starter, they can look for a very lightweight 47cc engine.

Pocket bikes are funny motors that offer the opportunity to attract the attention of the public. These bikes are also used for small motor racing recreational activities.

Though this kind of customized bikes does not need any kind of license or registration, you can ride them in the public places such as parks to have some fun. 

Things to Consider When Buying Pocket bikes

Entry level promotional pocket bikes are available in three different levels. They are: GP-RSR, GP-MX3 and GP-CAGLLARI. If you are offering an entry level wholesale pocket bike from China, then you can choose one among the above.

GP-MX3 is the second level pocket bike that is popular among the users. This bike is more powerful than the lighter ones and needs care while driving it. They are also available in customized format from China.

Consult with the best dealers like promosmall.com to know about promotional prices and shipping details.

Warning and Tips for Custom Pocket bikes

There is a difference between riding a wholesale pocket bike and super pocket bike. Super pocket bike is designed for people who love to make races using these miniatures.

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