Why Buy Wholesale Three Folding Umbrellas

Promotional three folding umbrellas are currently one of the most popularly used promo products and they are productive in terms of advertising and marketing. However, when the time comes to choose the product, you should be careful because, nowadays, it is possible to order them for wholesale price and direct from China. The advantage of placing orders for wholesale price is that it will help you save both time and money. In addition to this, the wholesale three folding umbrellas from China are commodities that are used in daily life, thus will add value for their practicality and utility.

Umbrellas are for all seasons. In the case of wholesale three folding umbrellas from China, you can order customized three folding for each season. Rather than ordering black colored traditional umbrellas, you can look for products that fit the color and shade of your company logo. It is also possible to copy the current fashion trends to make your customized product more glorifying. Nowadays, you don´t need to make telephone calls to place orders for customized wholesale products. You can order your three folding umbrellas from the site promosmall.com.

When and Where to Use Three Folding Umbrellas

To suit the recent demands and trends of the industry, the manufacturers and suppliers of three folding umbrellas have come up with stylish and handy customized umbrellas to meet the requirements of modem man. The customized and stylish umbrellas are the best promotional product to offer to your customers. Keep in mind that the goal of promoting a product is to increase the popularity of your company.

Things to Consider When Buying Wholesale Customized Three Folding Umbrellas

The three folding umbrellas are designed using polyester material. When the time comes to buy wholesale umbrellas from China, check if they are supplied in a Velcro fastening with a nylon sleeve. The next thing to consider is that, if they are available for promotional prices. Most companies allow you to order this promotional gift in 15 color variations. Such kind of promotional products is the best for up to 4 spot colors for the sake of artwork. However, if you prefer an alternative color for your promotional gift, it is possible to contact the sales team of promosmall.com to discuss your deal. 

Warning and Tips for Custom Three Folding Umbrellas

While placing your order from China ask them if the promotional price includes shipping cost and VAT at the standard rate. Generally, wholesale orders are processed within 15 days. So, you have to organize your promo program depending upon the delivery time of your product.

Custom Promotional Three Folding Umbrellas

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