Why Buy Wholesale Customized Photo Etched Badges

Photo etched badges are commonly bought in wholesale and are customized. They are usually used as souvenirs or promotional items for certain events. Companies can give out photo etched badges with VIP signs or other texts to indicate their guests. Badges can be useful too in youth camps. They can be made to suit any occasion. The design is all that matters. And usually, they are given out during big events so wholesale is really the best way to go if budget is quite tight. Aside from being really special, high quality photo etched badges from China are made for keeps.

When and Where to Use Promotional Photo Etched Badges

Any event can use photo etched badges as promotional items. They are small and easy to give out to guests and don’t take up much space. Also, aside from being a good souvenir item, they could be used as membership items. Some groups give out badges to their members only. The price of these badges will vary depending on the material and the complexity of the design. More complex designs will surely be more expensive. You can purchase them during a promotional sale in order to save. Some starting companies offering photo etched badges may also be offering promotional sales to introduce their services in the market. You can just visit Promosmall.com to see if there are promotional opportunities from China for these photo etched badges.

Things to Consider When Buying Wholesale Customized Photo Etched Badges Direct from China

The important thing to really consider when purchasing wholesale customized photo etched badges direct from China is the design. The complexity of the design will have a great toll on the price. Some sellers from China post their average prices but you must acquire a quote to actually know how much the purchase would cost. It would be wise getting free quotes from various dealers so you can easily compare which one is better. If you have a trusted supplier, that’s good. But if you don’t, make careful decisions on which you are going to invest to.

Warnings and Tips for Custom Photo Etched Badges

Most photo etched badges will be customized because they are usually made based on orders from buyers. For customized photo etched badges, you have to think of the material, design and the purpose for purchasing the merchandise. There are different metals that can be used as the base for these badges. Each of them will have their own inate color which will contribute to the overall design. Also, the kind of material used will determine how long it can last too. For the design, you can use logos, texts and pictures. Make sure the chosen design will be appropriate for the event or the group.

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