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Tips to Buy Wholesale Custom Promotional Products from China

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2014/1/3 3:33:19

Promotional Products from China

China is emerging as a strong destination for customized promotional products today. Global retailers and wholesalers are eyeing this country to obtain quality products at low cost. If you also want to make profit in your business, then look for buying wholesale custom advertising products from here. For any help in this matter, you can take a look at the tips given below.

How to buy promotional products from China at wholesale

1. In this endeavor, you would first need to find out a trustworthy supplier. For this, you can either browse through the online directories or visit this country in person to attend trade shows. This will allow you to create personal/ business bond with the local suppliers, which is very important from the perspective of fostering trust and faith.

2. Before doing business with anyone make sure to check and compare all the quotations acquired from different suppliers in order to strike a pocket-friendly and lucrative deal.

3. If you place orders online, be very careful. Make sure to crosscheck the company or online store’s reputation in the market to avoid any kind of hoax.

4. Before requesting any order, no matter small or large, it is wise to go through the samples or images of the products you are interested in.

5. Do have a good look at the shipping cost for both air and sea. Since promotional products belong to a separate category, it will be better to explore duty rates as well.

6. Another important factor is scheduling the delivery date. Since customs checking or bad weather conditions can delay your product delivery for any number of days, it will be wise to add extra days to your expected delivery date from the beginning itself.

7. Maintaining touch with the supplier is essential to be aware about the status of your products. In fact, even if you decide to visit factory on your own, take the supplier with you. He will help you understand the style of working there.

8. Before making any payment, do check product certification. See if there is any error in the documents. If you spot anything, get it rectified soon so that you don’t have to face any difficulty later.