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The Pros and Cons of Promotional Clothing Over Other Types of Promotional Products

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2015/5/13 0:19:25

With so many ways a business can advertise and market itself, but typically with a fairly limited budget to do so, businesses have to be smart about how to best go about promoting themselves to their target customers and clients.

Promotional clothing is just one of a number of ways that a business can advertise through the use of promotional products and merchandise. Of course, there's nothing stopping a business from using both promotional products and promotional clothing, but for argument's sake, what if we say that a business had to choose between one or the other? Just clothing or products?

Here is a list of the pros and cons of promotional clothing, compared to other types of promotional items:

The pros of promotional clothing:

They're mobile: Promotional clothing moves as the person wearing it moves. Therefore it could be a lot more eye-catching than something that simply sits on a desk or a table, and if the clothing is more noticeable, then the logo and the brand on it will be as well.

They can be your staff's uniform: Particularly in industries like the trades, in pubs and bars and in retail, promotional clothing is often worn by staff, which can be seen as more professional than them simply wearing any old everyday clothes, while a suit and tie may be inappropriate or not suitable attire for the type of work involved. As well as added professionalism, it's an excuse to show off your brand a little bit more.

There's more leeway for play and experimentation: Arguably, the list of possible promotional products that a business could use is endless, however some of the more different and unique promotional products tend to be a lot more expensive. With clothing on the other hand, if a business does not want to go with the typical t-shirts or polo shirts, they could consider hoodies, hats, aprons, sportswear, trousers, coats, fleeces... you name it, you can stick a logo on it.

The cons of promotional clothing:

They're not your "everyday" promotional products: As typical and run-of-the-mill as pens and mugs may be, they're also likely to be used, held and looked at every single day. For a potential client or customer, it's another reminder that your products or services are just a phonecall away. The same might not apply to clothing, especially depending on the type - for example, winter wear is seasonal, while an item of clothing like an apron may only be suitable in certain situations.

If given away, they may not be worn: In some instances, promotional clothing does not make a good promotional gift, due to the fact that other people are unlikely to wear it (unless it's a big brand or perhaps a musician or band). Therefore, more regular promotional products may be better suited when given away to others.

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