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Promotional Toys - Should a Marketer Bother Playing With Them?

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2014/11/2 18:29:28

You may think that only children play with toys. The fact is that if you do not have them in your promotional merchandise arsenal, you are missing out on a very powerful way to market your product. Here are three promotional toys that you could be using today:


Stress balls: People love stress balls. They are usually on the desk of everybody in the company. By having your company's logo printed on a stress ball on the desk of all of your customers, how many times each day do you think your marketing message will be reinforced into their minds? To have a powerful effect, try a different shaped stress ball. Cow shaped, pig shaped and dolphin shaped stress balls are very popular these days.
Soft toys: Unlike stress balls that are made of rubber, soft toys are made of material and are often seen as an upscale version of a stress ball. These soft toys can be of any size and are often about 6 inches tall. They traditionally have a small t-shirt on them, upon which the company name, logo and marketing slogan is placed.

Rubik cube: This traditional game can easily be reproduced with your company's logo on it. The coloured sides can also have your company's colours on them. This classic toy is something that people love to play and concentrate on, implying that they could be focused on your company logo and message.
These three promotional toys are just the start when it comes to marketing your brand with toys. They are very effective because they are designed for the desk of your customers and are, therefore, right there in front of the customer when they are ordering their required products and services.


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