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Promotional Apparel - A Great Advertisement Idea

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2015/4/11 9:58:59

Of the many items that your company might select to send out to promote your business, none go over better than promotional apparel. There is a plethora of choices when it comes to emblazoning your company's name and logo onto apparel that can be worn as walking billboards for your company. The reason that this type of promotional item is so effective is that people can actually use the item, unlike other items that might make it as far as the recipient's trash can.

Common Apparel Given as Promos

The most common items of apparel that are given as freebies or promos include:

- jackets 
- tee shirts 
- sweat shirts 
- hats 
- windbreakers 
- scarves or doo-rags 
- shorts 
- sweat pants

Many companies that provide branded good for you to distribute to potential customers and clients will offer these items or others, and some will offer a mixed set of several of each item. You can choose to have your logo, slogans, company information and other contact information placed on the item. When the recipient wears the item, they will be promoting your business to everyone that they talk to or pass on the street. Talk about some well-spent advertising dollars! Promotional items are also great for distributing to your employees and employees' families, too - because they motivate the employee and make them feel like they are a part of the "team". Most promotional items are relatively inexpensive as compared to the function that they serve, and in terms of promotional apparel, the item is well-received - unlike a pen or a stress ball that you might hand out, the person will likely wear the item - which is what you want.

Choosing Your Promo Items

When choosing your promotional item, be sure to keep in mind the colors that are implemented into your business and relate those colors in the item. You should also avoid overcrowding the item with information; after all, you want it to be attractive enough that the recipient will wear the item. You should order a range of sizes, as well, including some that are plus sizes for larger folks. In general, the most popular size for women is medium, while men prefer a bit more room, such as a large size or even extra-large. But also buy some items that are in between those two, although you'll have less need for small sizes or really big sizes - but you should have a few promotional apparel items of each available.

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