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Promote Your Brand Through Customized Promotional Merchandise

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2014/11/2 17:00:14

Almost always, the size of a business depends on its advertising potential; see Coke and Pepsi. However, giving out customized promotional merchandise

is fast coming up as a cheaper and more efficient way.

Giving customized promotional merchandise combines the satisfaction of gaining customer satisfaction along with offering effective advertising solution. These can be given to clients, prospective clients and even employees for their good performance and support to the organization.

These promotional merchandise can range from everyday items like pens, notebooks, pencils, calendars, t-shirts, mouse pads, caps and hats to the more imaginative photo frames, golf balls, personalized chocolates, desktop accessories, digital clocks, USB's and bobble head markers. The only catch is that any promotional merchandise should clearly have the name and logo of the company which is distributing them.

The company which gives out customized promotional merchandise is directly advertised when these products are used by an individual and comes to the forefront as compared to competition. The company indirectly appreciates an individual by giving a gift while promoting itself as a generous organization. These items are much cheaper than airtime on television or radio, and therefore, advertising works out to be much cheaper. The biggest advantage is that advertising is concentrated to almost the exact clientele and is very direct.

The user will use a product if and only if it is classy and useful. Therefore special care has to be taken as to the kind of gift to be given. A high profile executive may not use a pen given by your organization but would definitely flaunt a customized golf ball marker when he goes to play golf. Similarly a mid level employee who may not be allowed to bring a USB inside the office would use it probably only at his home, which reduces the advertising potential. Therefore the kind of product the organization decides to give is important if it wants it to be accepted and appreciated by most. It is essential to determine the demographics of the internal customer while zeroing in either one or a number of different customized products.

Most companies think of giving gifts to employees only as an afterthought. This is something that needs to change as a motivated mediocre employee can do much more for an organization as compared to a de-motivated brilliant employee. A small "Thank you for being there" gift can go a long way in building employee morale. The ideal situation is that companies should recognize their best performers at least once a year with Customized Promotional Merchandise. This may include special trophies with names or custom made mugs with pictures of employees. All this does not cost much and really helps in building goodwill for your organization.

A company should not overdo giving of gifts as they are meant to be given only once in a while or certain individuals may react to them negatively. A few occasions when gifts can be handed out without eyebrows being raised would be conferences, events and festivals like Christmas.

Customized promotional merchandise

is a very powerful tool in the hands of organizations looking for increasing their business. These have the ability and power to convert prospective clients to clients and infrequent clients into regular clients. Its effect on increasing business is incredible whereas the cost associated is almost negligible.


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