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Important Steps in Customizing Your Product

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2014/1/3 3:48:15


If you are one of those people interested to import customized goods from China, you should look for and hire a local agent specialized to perform as the local intermediary, who can initiate some activities on your behalf. Since business culture as well customs in is China likely to be fairly different, that too between cities, it is significant that you should appoint your agent, having a minimum of 8-10 years of experience in operating in China. After you finish this step and preliminary discussion with the agent, you actual action plan begins.

Find the product manufacturer  

One of the biggest trade shows in China, widely known as Canton Fair takes place in Guangzhou twice a year. This is the great buyer-seller meeting place, where companies associated from electronics items to chemical goods or construction mechanisms come under the same umbrella. On the other hand, products like consumer goods, textiles and fancy items are also exhibited in different phases in this huge fair. This is best place for you to find your business partner as well as the Chinese manufacturing company. While choosing such a manufacture, you should obviously convey the reason behind such a meeting and ensure their proficiency in customizing the products. Their previous and current clientele is a good source of information.

Visit the factory

Subsequent to your meeting with the supplier at their corporate office, you should not forget to inspect their factory or workshop where you can examine the products and make sure if it is consistent with your requirement. Find their production process as well manufacturing capacity. You can also check the raw materials, samples and try to understand the working culture. In this context, you can also take support of your agent but always make sure that the agency house is sufficiently expert to handle your matter.

Discuss on customization policies

Buying a product and customization is completely different. Instead of going for manufacturing you identify a suitable supplier and production unit in order to make your items branded and personalized according to your need. There are some business ethics, policies and professional codes, which should be maintained by either party. Please note that this part should be transparent enough so that a healthy business association can be built.

Shipping process

Arrangement to ship your products to the warehouse of business place is quite an important factor. This involves selection of the shipping method. Depending upon your product, budget and cost, you should opt for the mode of shipping. As logistic part of shipping is rather complex, it is always recommended to employ logistics provider.