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How to Send Promotional Gifts

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2014/7/3 19:20:40

Those who work in marketing know just how important it is to market a product or company with promotional products. Promotional products are essential for getting the attention of a business or individual and are usually a relatively low investment. While promotional products are ideally given out by hand, they can be sent to prospective clients through the mail. By taking the necessary steps, you can ensure that your promotional products arrive safely at their destination.


Purchase your promotional items. Ideally, the promotional items you choose should be as small and light as possible; sending heavy items in the mail will require more postage and is usually not worth the extra expensive. Promotional pens, calendars and bracelets are perfect for sending in the mail, as they are effective and do not weigh much at all.

Package your promotional items in a way that they will be noticeable without even being opened. Many businesses prefer to use branded envelopes or other types of branded packaging when sending out promotional items, as they stand out amongst the slew of plain envelopes that come in the mail on a daily basis. Many companies that sell promotional products can also create custom mailers for the products to be sent out in.

Mail your promotional items on a client by client basis, rather than sending out a large amount of items to random businesses on your mailing list. The more targeted your mailings, the better results you are likely to get.

Take your mailers to the post office and negotiate a rate. Since it is usually not necessary to send out promotional items to be received quickly, choose the slowest and most inexpensive shipping method. In order for mailing promotional gifts to be worth your while, you must work to get the lowest postage rates possible.

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