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How to Find Wholesale Suppliers in China?

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2014/1/3 4:32:44

How to Find Wholesale Suppliers in China


China has earned a special name for itself in the global market for creating low cost customized promotional products. This could be possible because China is able to procure raw materials at cost-effective rates and expand its manufacturing base within a short period of time. Along with this, the country offers smooth and easy shipping services due to which products reach their destinations in stipulated time. If you also want to obtain promotional products from China at wholesale, then first find out a reliable supplier. With the help of China based supplier, you can explore different varieties of products available in the market and take your pick from them.

Tips for finding wholesale dealers in China

If you don’t want to spend money on searching for a dealer in China, then browse through online directories, which list all the suppliers. From there, choose those suppliers who deal or have experience in your area of industry. Shortlist the names and note them down somewhere for later reference.

Another way to catch hold of a supplier in China is to visit trade shows that are conducted in the country. Though flying to China can be little expensive, but this will prove beneficial in your favor. When you attend trade shows, you will get to meet many suppliers in person. Thus, you will be able to build professional relationships with them. And in Chinese culture, personal or face-to-face relationships mean a lot.

No matter whatever means such as online or offline you opt for, make sure to run a thorough background check on the chosen ones before proceeding ahead. This is important from safety and security points of view. Nowadays, cases of fake wholesale dealers have become rampant. To ensure you meet an honest and reliable person, you have to enquire about him. For this, you will need to know about his years of experience in the industry, reputation in market and skills.

After a trustworthy supplier is found, talk to him about discount rates, return and refund policies, order processing and delivery time. Get your contract ready. But before you seal it, do be sure to fix pricing, deadline and order quantities.