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How to Buy Promotional Gifts for Clients

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2014/7/3 19:17:59

Gifts that are given to clients, customers or business affiliates are most often categorized as promotional gifts. Buying or selecting the correct promotional gift for clients can be a very important purchase, as the promotional gift should represent your company or business in the eyes of the recipient.


Plan your selection and purchase of promotional gifts for clients as far in advance as possible. If you plan to do a spring promotional distribution, then you should have all your selections and items purchased by November or December of the previous year. The larger your distribution will be, the more time should be given to completing the order to guard against mistakes in the order, misprints or out of stock items. Should your promotional gift be a "thank you" for business such as "give away" pens or key chains, then you don't have the seasonal deadlines to watch for.

Select the promotional gift appropriate for the occasion or client recipient. If your company is going to sponsor a golf tournament or a hole at a tournament, then golf promotional items are what you are shopping for. If you are promoting the opening of a new branch of your bank then consider selecting balloons for the kids, t-shirts, Frisbees, small coolers, drink holders, beach towels, checkbook covers, calendars or yearly planners all with your imprinted logo. The reason you are selecting and buying the promotional item needs to reflect the event as well as your business.

Use a local specialties advertising company to help you with your selection of promotional gift items. These companies should be able to furnish you with ideas, catalogs to browse through for ideas and even order sample products for you to examine. Ask about discounts for ordering larger quantities. Be sure to obtain a written quote for your prospective order and a completion and delivery date before you sign an order form or commit to the order with a down payment. Do not pay for the entire order up front. A reputable company should be able to process the order with a 20 percent down payment to start the order process.

Ask to see a proof of the imprinting that will be added to your promotional gift items. Many times the specialty advertising company will ask you to provide a black and white "mark up" or artwork of your company's logo. These can be done on a computer if you do not already have such in your files. If not, the specialty advertising company can have the artwork completed for you. Whichever way, be sure to check carefully for errors.

Try using a mail order or Internet site if this is your first time to select and buy promotional gifts for clients and your order is extremely simple such as just pens or key chains and no elaborate imprinting or logos. However, still be careful to get all order information in writing and avoid paying for the entire order up front.

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