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How to Buy Directly From China

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2014/7/3 9:31:21

China is one of the world's largest producers of low-cost merchandise, due in part to the large supply of low-cost labor. As either a business or an individual consumer, you can keep prices low by buying wholesale items direct from China, rather than purchasing them through a retail middleman. For individuals, the easiest way to buy directly from China is generally through the websites of direct Chinese suppliers. Businesses that buy in bulk may prefer to have direct contact with Chinese exporters.


        Source a manufacturer, product or supplier online. Various websites, including China Source and Alibaba.com, provide search engines to help you find the product or supplier you want. Much as in the United States, Chinese suppliers advertise their businesses and products on websites such as these to reach the global market. If you find a supplier you like online, its site will generally have instructions regarding its order process so you can buy directly from China online.

        Visit suppliers in their home offices. While this may not be feasible if you're an individual buyer, corporate buyers that have the luxury of traveling overseas can meet suppliers in person, see and test potential products, and negotiate pricing in person. Meeting an individual contact at a preferred supplier can greatly aid in the processing of future orders.

        Go to trade shows, especially the Canton Fair, if possible. The Canton Fair is China's largest trade show and is held in three phases in the city of Guangzhou. Hundreds if not thousands of Chinese suppliers from all types of industries bring products to the Canton Fair for demonstration before international buyers. This is an opportunity to find products and suppliers and to learn how to buy directly from your Chinese sellers.

        Enter your orders. For online purchases, simply follow the on-screen instructions as you would with most American retail websites. For purchases from suppliers themselves, enter your orders per their specific instructions.

Tips & Warnings

    As with any purchase, verify that your seller is reputable before you put in any order, particularly a large order.

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