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How To Embroider Caps and Hats To Maximize Your Clients' Marketing Message

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2015/5/14 4:13:39

It's no secret that wholesale baseball caps and hats are an excellent way to promote, well, virtually anything. Whether looking to prominently display a business logo and brand or even convey a current catchphrase or graphic, there are ample ways to create completely custom baseball hats that help your clients proficiently promote and express themselves. If you're looking to add hats and caps to your existing embroidery repertoire, or simply want to tighten up on your technique, read on. Keeping a few critical factors in mind throughout the process can ensure that you have the knowhow and talent needed to consistently deliver high-quality, completely custom baseball hats and caps that your customers will love handing out AND wearing!

Key Considerations For Optimal Project Results

First and foremost, it's important to work closely with your clients to determine the best style and material of the caps to be customized. Remember, it's not only the look of the lid that warrants consideration; you should always educate your clients that various materials bring with it a wide range of effects and results. Corduroy and other types of thick fabrics, may deliver a more eye-catching final look, but hooping and stitching on these materials can prove difficult. Always ensure your customers know exactly what to expect from their selected garments.

It's also imperative to always consider the overall size of your embroidery canvas. While you want to make sure your clients' entire message gets conveyed, it's also important to ensure that you're giving every detail enough room for optimal results. Making words and graphics too big and/or too small will instantly minimize marketing impact while simultaneously making you look like an industry newbie. Additionally, always remember that the front of the lid isn't always your only embroidery option. It is usually possible to include stitching on the side and back as well - always consider using these areas for periphery messages like contact information, website address, etc.

Beyond the embroidery real estate itself, it's important to come up with fun, innovative ways to layout your clients' designs. All too often, embroidery firms only offer a standard template that, while adequate, visually misses the mark. To truly grab the attention of passersby, you should get creative with your stitching approach. One great way to add a little esthetic punch? Consider using an asymmetrical layout that will command attention wherever it's worn.

Sounds like you're ready to stitch, right? Well, not quite. The final step in a successful customization process often rests in the cap's underlay. Using an underlay can not only help with hard to manage fabrics, but it also can help keep the garment secure and stable for optimal threading precision.

When All Else Fails, Don't Be Afraid To Outsource

Of course, no matter how skilled and talented your team of embroiders are, there can always be a project that proves just outside the scope of your existing capabilities. Puffy foams, appliques and other garment effects are just some of the many intricate processes that are often best left to the experts. Fortunately, when faced with a complicated project, you don't necessarily have to pass up the opportunity completely. Many savvy embroiders opt instead to outsource the project to an external provider who specializes in the specific technique needed. Working closely with outside partners that have "special" stitching expertise can help ensure that you're always poised to deliver a final product that meets (and exceeds) your clients' expectations.

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