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Fitted Baseball Caps - Comfortable, Stylish and a Brilliant Promotional Product

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2015/5/14 4:11:53

If you are seeking comfort in your baseball cap, fitted baseball caps may be the best choice for you. Unlike caps that use plastic or metal adjusters that can chafe against the back of the head, a fitted cap is the same size as your head. This means that instead of the band having the adjusters in the back, the material continues without interruption around the entire cap. This results in a firm, comfortable fit. However, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind if you wish to purchase one of these caps.

First, they cannot be adjusted after they are purchased. Because of this, it is important that you get an accurate measurement of your head. You should measure where the band of the fitted baseball caps will rest on your head. This will ensure that you have the perfect measurement. You should always use a sewing measuring tape, rather than a harder plastic or metal measuring tape. Sewing measures are of a flimsy cloth or plastic material that can easily fit around any shape. This will ensure you have the correct measurement. You will want to take your measurement down to the exact millimeter, as this will ensure the tightest fit possible while still being comfortable.

If you already own a baseball cap that fits you perfectly, it may be tempting to get the measurement from the old cap. However, this is not wise. Over time, a cap will stretch, especially if it is made from a natural fiber rather than a plastic. Because of this, you want your new fitted baseball caps to be sized to your head, not sized to the dimensions of your old cap. If you are purchasing a fitted cap as a gift for someone, however, it is possible to get the measurements from one of their caps. However, this only works if you know for certain the hat fits them well. As well, when you take these measurements, you need to measure along the rim, and not the inside of the rim of the hat. If you measure the inside diameter rather than flush with the rim of the hat, the measurement will be too short and the hat may not fit properly.

In many cases, fitted baseball caps can be purchased in custom colours tailored to the individual or team purchasing them. As the caps have to be made in a specific size, companies typically offer a broader range of colour selections and choices in design. However, while custom options are possible, purchasing a single hat can be a lot more expensive than purchasing in bulk. If price is a consideration, hats with adjusters may be the best route for you if you are only purchasing one cap. While they don't have nearly as many options as fitted caps, they are significantly cheaper. Purchasing fitted caps for a group is the best choice, as the higher the number of caps you purchase, the cheaper each hat becomes. In addition to this, adding logos becomes a viable option as it is easier for manufacturers to customize orders when many of the same item is purchased.

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