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Creative Branding Solutions - Two Children Friendly Uses of Promotional Apparel and Premiums

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2015/4/11 10:01:07

We've all worn sweatshirts, hats, t-shirts and written with pens and pencils with company logos. Now it's your turn as the business owner to capitalize on this creative branding solution. Every season of every year brings on a new beginning to a particular sport. We all love sports and kids especially! Whether you have a company logo or not...it doesn't matter... you can always ask the person helping you to create your brand to help you design your logo. Begin branding yourself within your allowed budget. Here are two great ideas you can use:

1. During anytime of year, buy t-shirts with your company logo on the front of the shirts as well as numbers on the back to identify all the team players. All little league teams need uniforms. Donate the shirts to as many teams as you can throughout the year. Keep your costs within your budget, but remember, you're using this creative branding solution to increase business and your company's goodwill.

2. Every school aged child needs pens and / or pencils. In good or bad economic times, school supplies can be a burden to the individual family as well as a school system. Order both pens and pencils, again with your logo on them and donate them to local schools. In a good or bad economy you'll be seen as a company concerned with the community and you've used another creative branding solution to do it.

These Two Children Friendly Uses of Promotional Apparel and Premiums are a great way to develop your companies image through creative branding solutions. Next is finding the ways to do this well and within a budget.

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