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Best Types of Writing Instruments to Promote Your Brand

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2015/4/13 18:12:34

Without doubt, writing instruments are one of the most affordable and effective ways to promote a business. Pens are an ideal marketing tool because recipients use them on a daily basis which puts your company name at the forefront.

It's important to brand writing instruments with contact information and corporate logos. Pens can be used as a trade show giveaway or paired with other items such as notepads, sticky notes, or note cards. They are also ideal for use as corporate gifts to loyal customers or topnotch clients.

It is essential to choose quality writing pens that will last a long time. There are several choices, but some of the more popular include ballpoint, rollerball, gel-ink, pen-style highlighters, and mechanical pencils.

Companies often invest in luxurious writing instruments for VIP clients. Top choices include fountain pens manufactured by companies like Montblanc or Waterman. Luxury pens are substantially more costly than popular brands such as Pentel or BIC. However, deluxe instruments are handmade by craftsmen and intended to last for many years.

Ballpoint pens have been used for many years. These days, they are a top choice for every day use because they are durable, yet affordable. Ballpoint pens are offered in a wide range of styles and colors. Some of the most common selections are stick pens, retractable pens, and click pens.

Two types of ballpoints are available and include disposable or refillable. These pens are filled with waterproof ink that is fast-drying. Companies often purchase disposable pens for use as trade show giveaways or promo gifts because they are very affordable. Refillable styles are often furnished to special customers and might be personalized with their name or initials.

Gel-ink writing pens have grown to be extremely popular in the past few years. These instruments utilize a distinct type of ink that is comparable to a mixture of regular and marker ink.

One of the most desirable aspects of these pens is the wide variety of ink colors. Along with standard choices of red, blue, and black, gel-ink also comes in bright neon colors, as well as inks infused with shimmering glitter.

Gel-ink is best suited for cotton paper, as it tends to smear on photography paper or papers with sheen or gloss. These pens are available with point sizes ranging from fine to bold. Many brands incorporate comfort grips close to the point to minimize hand tiredness.

Rollerball writing pens are well-liked because they are affordable and easy to use. The type of ink used is much like that in gel-ink pens in that is tends to smear on coated paper. However, some manufacturers offer the option of waterproof or quick-drying ink, as well as with points that can be retracted.

The style of pens selected is usually based on personal preference. While generic brands tend to be the least expensive, they sometimes consist of substandard ink that quickly dries out. Due to the fact that companies want to keep their name in front of recipients for a long time it is recommended to invest in quality brands such as BIC, Uni-Ball, or Pentel.

Having writing instruments imprinted with company info and a logo isn't very expensive. In order to make certain pens are top quality and skillfully branded it is essential to order from a reputable promotional products company. This will ensure recipients are pleased with the gift and will use their personalized pen on a daily basis.

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