Why buy Wholesale Customized Lighted Martinis

There only two reasons why you should buy customized martini glasses at wholesale – for resell or as promotional items.

Like it or not, martinis have distinct novelty about them that goes well with nightclub settings. They’re great additions for such establishments – even if they have LED additions they’re easily replaceable. If all goes well, you might the only person in town that sells them, turning you into a stable source for customized martini glasses.

Just to get your head in the game, martinis are generally a safer investment than buying martini sets, as the glasses are much easier to resell to customers and plus they’re more reasonable giveaways as a boxed set (it’s a magnanimous move for clients but it’s not financially sound).

When and Where to Use Promotional Lighted Martinis

Clubs and swanky hotels are a nice place to start. They’re subtle but nice touches to the overall design and it can certainly attract all the right kind of attention for your promotional needs.

These China based items are also great promotional items. Due to their sheer number and their surfaces, they make good as advertisement tools for companies that want to entice a few clients with viral marketing. If you check out producers like promosmall.com, you’ll see how easy it is to produce them at even cheaper prices. All you need is a glass etching tool and you can create your own designs for your own benefit or for the benefit of a company that wants to hire your services. It’s definitely a no brainer, these customized glasses maybe made from China but they’re just as sturdy as usual martini glasses.

Things to Consider When Buying Wholesale Customized Lighted Martinis Directs From China

Due to the fact that these types of items are pretty much packaged differently that Martini sets, this puts them in danger of being mishandled. It’s not uncommon to see a couple of broken up parts after receiving it.

Warning and Tips for Custom Lighted Martinis

  • Always be in the know of your package. If you’re ordering wholesale, always specify what kind of padding they use or what is the process of delivery from China to your destination is so you can get hindsight for possible damages.

For more deals, check out promosmall.com for China wholesale projects.

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