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by: Matt H***- USA     ip: 76.105.***8.167     date added: 2016/10/10 12:09:28
Need these printed on two sides with 2 different logos - single color - black. Need to receive them before the end of October

by: Alessa***Italy     ip: 151.75.***0.222     date added: 2016/10/10 9:44:14
Hi, do you produce even personalized bottle umbrellas? If yes, which is the price for 1000 pcs, delivery in Italy? Thanks Alessandra

by: Christ***ghese     ip: 98.113.***21.14     date added: 2016/10/10 8:52:31

by: Linda ***a USA     ip: 68.199.***5.164     date added: 2016/10/10 8:21:20
500 to start to see if product is acceptable then we will be ordering double quantity approx every month We will supply pdf of logo

by: Jamie ***gland     ip: 92.27.1***8.185     date added: 2016/10/10 4:57:50
I am looking to purchase some 2017 Calendar Pods ? Calendar must have previous and next month on each month ? Our logo to be printed in 4 colour on each month, as well as on notepad sheets is preferable ? Wiro bound preferable but not critical ? Qty = 250

by: Mokhta***Ghani     ip: 110.159***4.127     date added: 2016/10/9 21:48:53
Please advise shipping cost to 24000 Cukai, Terengganu, Malaysia

by: Floyd ***homas     ip: 208.90.***2.253     date added: 2016/10/9 7:07:16

by: Roxann***anada     ip: 75.155.***43.21     date added: 2016/10/7 17:09:54
Hi there, Just want to get a price on 1000 of these fanny pack. Let me know! Cheers, Roxanne

by: Shaunt***asley     ip: 107.77.***76.82     date added: 2016/10/7 11:33:33
Interested in getting these as party favors for church Christmas party on Dec. 16, 2016. Please help if you can.

by: dave U***e USA     ip: 144.250***30.76     date added: 2016/10/7 10:01:41
Can I order this? Where can I buy?

by: Prasha***odkar     ip: 96.93.1***35.29     date added: 2016/10/7 7:29:34
we would like to get some crack gauges for company promotion.

by: Fredri***g USA     ip: 99.44.2***2.173     date added: 2016/10/6 15:52:41
Need sample unit, one black, one silver/chrome before decision to make purchase. Quote price for quantity.

by: Amal F***aouzi     ip: 64.20.7***.7.41     date added: 2016/10/5 15:47:01
Hi There, i would like to order 250 gift bags: Small Gloss Laminated Eurotote bag- 9 3/4" X 7 3/4". White with our company logo. I need the 250 gift bags to be delivered in New York on friday 14th October 2016 ( Last deadline I have) for a Cocktail Party. Please let me know your rates, Production time aetc Thank you! Amal from France-Amerique magazine

by: Fredri***g USA     ip: 99.44.2***2.173     date added: 2016/10/4 16:21:02
I wish to start a lighter sales company. In order to do so, I need a sample of one black and one silver matte lighter, and a price quote for quantities. My address is Fredrik King, 25123 Collingwood, Roseville, MI 48066 USA

by: Sam Ar***rditi     ip: 73.223.***8.205     date added: 2016/10/4 14:28:45
We will buy 3,000 now and probably 30,000 soon. Need it to be 7/16" wide. Internal pulley about 1/2", we are flexible with this dimension. Shaft diameter flexible.

by: Nancy ***- USA     ip: 173.166***134.1     date added: 2016/10/4 8:30:55
Depending on unit price we may be able to buy more than 500.

by: Tom***Tom     ip: 81.140.***1.144     date added: 2016/10/4 6:04:41
I just need to know how much for 600 plain stock and delivery to 1 uk address. If you do brand in house that would be even better.

by: Michel***hnson     ip: 50.168.***5.140     date added: 2016/10/3 12:49:18
Please send me pricing for 100 to 200 pcs with engraving of logo. Need pricing asap! Thank you. Michele Johnson

by: Mr. Jo***Jones     ip: 71.119.***31.70     date added: 2016/10/3 9:01:19
2000 pieces of 3 different colors - totaling 6000 total with logo embroidery

by: Kate S***, USA     ip: 166.137***12.33     date added: 2016/10/2 18:19:06
I am interested in how much it would cost to get 200 of these imprinted with a simple 2-color image. Also--do you have any plain (non-electric) ones that can be imprinted?

by: Franci***rdomo     ip: 100.33.***53.24     date added: 2016/10/2 17:59:21
Would like my total price to be in the $330 to $350 range.

by: Mohsen***alehi     ip: 172.9.2***38.64     date added: 2016/10/2 15:38:28
Hello, I would like to purchase a sample kit before purchase more. Thank you, Mohsen

by: Ishmae***anada     ip: 99.242.***5.135     date added: 2016/10/2 10:52:59
Looking for approximately 50 roomarangs for a charity organization to hand out. Would like to put a personalized message on them. Am located in Ontario, Canada and would like them shipped to me.

by: Tom Ro*** Ross     ip: 72.42.1***3.149     date added: 2016/10/1 6:18:19
Please let me know what colors are currently available

by: Tony M***g USA     ip: 76.235.***26.61     date added: 2016/9/30 11:43:16
I want 250-500 stoppers with our logo printed on top. www.scarpettawine.com

by: Gary B***e USA     ip: 173.220***7.146     date added: 2016/9/30 7:42:35
Looking for navy blue insert, will provide company logo to be printed in white. Can you add an additional print color (red) to logo? Are you able to print on back?

by: hamid *** USA     ip: 24.234.***3.107     date added: 2016/9/29 15:27:18
need a quote for 2500 and 5000

by: Ashley*** & US     ip: 50.78.2***40.22     date added: 2016/9/29 9:37:05
Hi I am interested in these measuring caps . Wanted to know if I could get a sample ASAP.. AS well as pricing for 2,000 of them shipping to America..

by: Sarah ***epage     ip: 68.55.1***57.18     date added: 2016/9/28 12:39:57
hello. I'm looking into ordering some of these for the techs at my work. I don't need a logo or anything on them thanks, Sarah

by: Kari S***, USA     ip: 66.115.***9.167     date added: 2016/9/28 11:51:11
how long is your turn around time?

by: Pamela***a usa     ip: 173.162***3.252     date added: 2016/9/28 7:59:21
We have our grandparents day celebration on October 19th and would like the watering can gift set as the gift for those who are attending. Please let me know if I can have the watering cans with out logo and wording and how much all of this would be. Thank you!

by: Cassan***sbrig     ip: 204.126***50.92     date added: 2016/9/28 7:14:52
We are looking to have the Chicago Skyline inside the snow globe and our Company Name (CHMG) on the base.

by: Barbar***rbara     ip: 70.162.***4.105     date added: 2016/9/27 20:52:30
I would just like to purchase one cover for a gift.

by: Joyce ***, USA     ip: 50.39.9***9.195     date added: 2016/9/27 14:52:17
These will go Cases for Musical instruments sold or rented i the stoer. I would like to know how much it will cost to print some.

by: Henry ***& USA     ip: 47.22.1***7.226     date added: 2016/9/27 13:13:14
Hello, we are a non-profit organization that sends high school students on humanitarian missions to South America. We are trying to find a small concrete/cinder block to affix a small plaque to give to our long-time volunteers. We liked Item #PONE168159 and were hoping for both a quote (no metal plate or engraving; I couldn't find a price online) and a suggestion of perhaps another distributer or manufacturer hopefully within the United States. Thank you for your time and have a great day!

by: Henry ***& USA     ip: 47.22.1***7.226     date added: 2016/9/27 13:11:31
Hello, we are a non-profit organization that sends high school students on humanitarian missions to South America. We are trying to find a small concrete/cinder block to affix a small plaque to give to our long-time volunteers. We liked Item #TBM409710 and were hoping for both a quote and a suggestion of perhaps another distributer or manufacturer hopefully within the United States. Thank you for your time and have a great day!

by: Jordy ***ralia     ip: 124.188***4.140     date added: 2016/9/27 0:18:17
What is the cost of 400 backpacks unbranded

by: Rose O***, USA     ip: 136.61.***7.246     date added: 2016/9/26 14:23:15
We would like our logo on these headlamps. I can send you a logo file.

by: Maryly***syali     ip: 67.163.***20.43     date added: 2016/9/26 13:49:06

by: Kara U***ra US     ip: 66.153.***172.9     date added: 2016/9/26 11:02:03
I am interested in the green with purple writing

by: Cicely***aters     ip: 216.81.***81.82     date added: 2016/9/26 7:45:17
Please provide quotes for the following quantities of the Yuletide Jazz cd greeting card: 50, 75, 100

by: Dean, ***ralia     ip: 203.17.***2.175     date added: 2016/9/25 21:24:19
Could you please tell me the MOQ and price for our own design sand paperweight? Thanks

by: 100***100     ip: 99.113.***6.103     date added: 2016/9/25 3:35:22
Pens for classroom

by: Christ***Dubai     ip: 94.207.***77.46     date added: 2016/9/24 12:16:40
I need the classic BDU buttons for production unit based in India. Sample order is required before bulk, at asses quality. Best regards, christian

by: Janice***anada     ip: 65.255.***37.37     date added: 2016/9/24 5:13:17
Hello I am interested in the Bulova desk set for a retirement gift. Please advise the cost and delivery time to have it engraved and sent to Toronto, Ontario. Thank you.

by: Barbar***rrick     ip: 73.21.2***50.38     date added: 2016/9/23 20:25:00
looking for these in several colors not just purple.

by: michel***ryant     ip: 24.11.1***7.222     date added: 2016/9/23 13:26:55
have four color art logo to add

by: Sara C***l USA     ip: 96.36.1***16.66     date added: 2016/9/23 12:39:41
I would like to know price per piece for single color and 2 color impression starting at quantity of 250 up to 1000, plus approximate shipping and any extra charges/fees. Thank you!

by: Jennif***Wendt     ip: 71.14.2***5.190     date added: 2016/9/23 10:51:36
I would need these by October 12th. I would need to be able to select the information on the opener. Is this possible? Thanks!

by: alexa ***tates     ip: 173.220***8.242     date added: 2016/9/23 8:08:38
Looking to order these printed gel eye masks and at a target cost of $1.00 if possible
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