When and Where to Use Promotional Compressed Towels

Gifts to customers: Customized compressed towels are good gifts for the holiday season. Since most of your customers will go out on holiday, these gifts will be very useful for them. They will carry your logo and thus give publicity to your brand as well.

Gifts to your employees: Customized compressed towels will come in handy as gifts to your employees as well. They also will carry their towels when they go out on holiday.

Company outings: Most companies provide facilities for their employees to go out on pleasure trips and picnics. In case your company employees go out on a trip of this nature, you could give your customized compressed towels as gifts.

Sportsmen: Some players use towels to wipe sweat from their faces and hands during games. Your customized compressed towels could be given to players in your locality in order to promote your brand. When they go out on tournaments they are able to pack them into their bags easily.

Things to Consider When Buying Wholesale Customized Compressed Towels Direct From China

  • Customized compressed towels are made out of different fibers such as cotton, viscose and many others. Therefore, you must specify the fiber with which your customized compressed towels are manufactured.
  • Compressed towels are available in single units and packs of 10 etc. As a result, you need to specify the packing you need.
  • These towels that are imported wholesale from China are available in many different sizes. Due to this reason, you need to order the size of the towel you need. Normally when you soak the towel in water it will attain this size.
  • Since they are available in a variety of brands you could order the one you need.

Warning and Tips for Custom Compressed Towels

You have the option to visit “promosmall” in order to buy your customized compressed towels from China. Since they are direct importers of these towels you will be able to get high quality compressed towels at highly competitive prices. However, the biggest advantage you enjoy when you buy your compressed towels in such a reputed company is that you are sure that you are not getting caught in an internet scam. Also, they will offer a good choice of compressed towels from which you could choose the one you are pleased with.

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